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Your Space Today

We all need some help once in a while and we were delighted to offer some to Sophie who has set up a new counselling business in West Sussex called Your Space Today. She came to BN:Coded having seen our work on Jemma Peacock’s campaign needing an online and offline presence herself. The launch of her brand new website is the first of a series of products and services BN:Coded is providing.

The immediate requirement was a website that broke away from the dour portrayals of counsellors online. Sophie didn’t want images of lonely trees in barren landscapes, or stones stacked up on top of one another on a piece of driftwood, nor did she want a photo of her desperately trying not to smile – as was the formula of other counselling websites. Having researched the competition with her we could see why – we were nearly her first client as a result of visiting them!

As a self-declared visual learner, Sophie always envisaged the words ‘Your Space Today’ to be followed by a chair for someone to sit on. In the first meeting she announced that the trouble with this was that the chair imagined would be different for different people. This sowed a seed, but toying with the idea for the detailed proposal document made the company look like a furniture showroom, but conceptually we loved the thought of every chair being different.

The chairs remained – with different chairs heading each page, but the home-page slider purposely avoids any reference to chairs and instead looks at the journey the visitor may be facing with strong call to actions represented. Sophie wanted a monochrome theme for cleanliness but we were concerned that this may become a little sterile so we injected some colour throughout.

As always navigation was paramount to the design, with the end user naturally flowing through the site in an intuitive way. Images were carefully chosen and considered for their representations. Text was forthcoming, speeding up the build time and suggestions and recommendations from us were embraced. The result is a finished website imbued with thought and details. The website, just like counselling, was a truly collaborative effort.

After revealing and discussing the finished website, Sophie responded:

Thank you so, so much, it is a million, no gazillion times better than I expected, it really has surpassed my expectations.

We helped Sophie offline too, creating business cards, fliers, bookmarks and advertisements to reinforce her presence locally.

Visit the website for yourself at