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Treasure Trails

Fundraisers for Ashington CE School, one of our local primary schools, wanted to host a spring or summer event to partner their firework night extravaganza in the winter as a fundraiser for the school. Wanting to stay away from the summer fete that other local villages do so well, the idea was to organise a treasure hunt around the West Sussex village bringing families together outside in a community event. They approached BN:Coded with the idea of creating a small website to advertise the event, but came with an obviously limited budget.

BN:Coded took the idea and ran with it, creating – a website that advertises the Ashington event. However, it can host similar events for other schools too. We also came up with an idea of getting online sponsors for an online treasure trail, where participants can win cash prizes, helping to promote the live event too and raise additional funds for the primary school. As we built it for ourselves, the cost to schools or other people looking to host a community event can be placed on the Treasure Trails website for a very modest sum, meaning that most of the funds raised at the event go towards whatever good cause has been chosen.

All the usual care and attention to detail is imbued in the website. We also created the printed booklet to accompany the village treasure trail and suggested ideas for the letters to sponsors.

Go and take a look, and why not try and win via the online trail (if active) today! Visit