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One thing always leads to another and despite anyone’s best efforts the best recommendation is always word-of-mouth. The power of a personal sway towards something is always the most powerful. So we were delighted that off the back of creating Oxford Conferences e-commerce site we were asked to create a revamped website for the Association of Accredited Auctioneers (the AAA).

There was nothing particularly unique about this website, just the challenge of creating a website for twenty different entities and pleasing as many as possible, if not all! With all parties happy and a strict brief met this potential obstacle was never an issue. All members are given equal status and prominence, one of the important factors for the site.

The AAA was established to attempt to forge alliances with the growth market in China and thus a multi-language site was imperative, as the AAA focus their intentions and look to new markets other languages can also be added in the future. A wealth of other options and improvements are being considered for the site, such as a blog or a content managed member catalogue upload area, but the beauty of this site, like all BN:Coded websites, is that it can grow and adapt with the needs of the AAA and will not involve a complete rewrite if priorities are shifted to other areas.

Although the AAA is only one website, we welcome all twenty members to the BN:Coded family.

Visit website to see it for yourself.


Since the very first proposal, BN:Coded have championed that a blog for the Association of Accredited Auctioneers could be hugely beneficial; both for its members and the association, if the resources were available to keep it updated. With over twenty members, to create a uniform look for delivery of data was a difficult task. To write lengthy blog posts on original material was probably not maintainable as a member-run association. Instead it was recommended that the blog be an aggregator of data for its members. With the art and antiques industry having no shortage of beautiful objects a visual approach to the website was adopted, with data being delivered in a Pinterest style theme. The blogs would be based around news the members were supplying. If this was not provided by an auctioneer, images of items forthcoming for sale or sold could be used with a price and description, enabling an even coverage of firms regardless of their size.

The website was built using the professional version of the powerful WordPress blog engine. The site is also fully responsive so can be viewed on any size device from mobiles to a desktop pc and scale seamlessly. With new search algorithms introduced by Google on the 21st April for ‘Mobile-friendly’ sites this will be massively important going forth as people are clearly changing their browsing habits.

Visit the blog here:

BN:Coded has also added a PDF catalogue uploader subsequently to the website.