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Sussex Bouncy Castle

“It needs bold, primary colours to match the inflatable but I don’t want it to look cheap” was the starting brief for this website. After further discussions we discovered the website design needed to be a low maintenance solution and a place where potential customers could find all the information they might need. The website was intended to back up the posting of the business on Facebook local pages. Instead of writing lengthy posts giving all the details, interested parties can now be directed to the website. The bouncy castle market is quite saturated in Sussex but Facebook really works for our client and so spending lots of money to compete with the long established first pagers on search engines was unusually not as big a priority. We hope in time we can get it moving up Google and other search engine rankings, but for now the website fits the brief and budget of our client.

The majority of the site was straightforward, Home, About, Contact and, in time, a Testimonials page. An onsite PDF viewer for Ts & Cs was also required, for this we used Google’s document embedder. This is a little slower to load but there is no Flash or any PDF browser plug-ins to download before you can see the content which we think is worth the minor wait, see it by clicking here. The only twist was that while they wanted to give directions to where to collect the inflatable when hired, they did not want their private addresses plastered over the internet. To solve this particular hurdle, BN:Coded added a password login to the collection pages. This means that Sussex Bouncy Castle give a password to new clients and with this, they can then access the directions to each of the pick-up points. BN:Coded made suggestions for possible domains and provides domain management and hosting for the website. Sussex Bouncy Castle owner Shelley said:

I really like my new website, it’s young, fun and ideal for what I want. I cannot believe BN:Coded got me such a fabulous web address too, it seems rather grand for my small bouncy castle but it’s brilliant.

Visit to see the website.