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Shipley Arts Festival

Andrew Bernardi of Bernardi Music Group came to BN:Coded with a desperate need to rejuvenate the online presence of his various musical enterprises.

His current website was doing too much and was losing focus with important information being diluted as it vied for attention on the digital page. Having met Andrew on a few occasions we agreed on a path of breaking of the different facets of his business into smaller bite size pieces to focus the visitor’s experience in them only seeing the things that they were looking for. Priority number one, it was decided, was to create a new website for the Shipley Arts Festival.

The only real brief was to deliver information about the various programme of concerts in Sussex and London in a clear, user-friendly way. Andrew also wanted the website to be portrayed with an aspirational look, to match the brands that were sponsoring and partnering the festival and with the hope to attract more.

The website was delivered on budget and launched to deadline – to combine with the launch of the 2018 Shipley Arts Festival. Director Andrew Bernardi was wrote:

We have been so grateful for the excellent advise design implementation and introductions to supportive film media from BN:Coded. We have high-level sponsors who all individually are largely placed as number one position in their respective sectors. BN:Coded were able to take our Festival website to the level where our sponsors felt our marketing was well aligned to these very exacting partners’ demands, and in a way that reflects our innovative creative music performance. BN:Coded have reflected our position as a pre-eminent music business, and we are looking forward to furthering our relationship to meet all our online presence requirement. We have no hesitation in recommending BN:Coded without any reservation.

We are delighted to now be the digital partner of the Shipley Arts Festival. As always, the job didn’t finish there, further conversations have made suggestions for Andrew’s GDPR headaches and improved his Social Media strategy. With more websites to come this is the start of a long journey and partnership with the Bernardi Music Group.

Visit the website for yourself at