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Small Dole Flower Show

Okay we know this is in our web portfolio and actually all we have done is print work… but hear us out!

The Small Dole Horticultural Society Flower Show is one of those local events that has been going for generations, literally, family names can be tracked back at least four generations on the cups and trophies that can be won.

A change of leadership in the society and the need for new helpers and society members led to a few requirements, specifically a new email address. We talked them through domain names and various mailbox options but we felt the cost was unnecessary for a largely volunteer-based society, so we recommended using Outlook’s free email client.

They have little need for a website for a once a year event that can easily be promoted locally in print and via social media, and that’s exactly what we told them! We also said that if ever they do feel the need for a website we would be there to help – but it didn’t feel necessary at this stage.

The one thing we felt could be updated was the schedule for the event which details the categories, details of the RSPCA dog show, rules, etc. So we set about making them a new look to replace a schedule that had always been a thing of functionality rather than beauty.

The jump in cost from going colour and professionally printed it was decided would be paid for by selling advertising and so for a cost neutral expense the new schedule was born. They also needed it to be available online and as a website seemed an expensive option we have hosted it on ours for them.

So click here to see the online PDF version of the 2018 Small Dole Flower Show Schedule