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PJB Building Solutions

We are sorry to report that PJB Building Solutions no longer required a website, so the website is no longer live – a shame as it was really good! But here is how the story went…

“I’m looking for someone who does websites, recommendations please.” That was the post on Facebook that prompted a member of Swains Farm Shop and Garden Centre to put our name forward, proving the power of social media, word of mouth and most importantly, happy customers! After a quote and proposal we got the green light to create the latest addition to the BN:Coded family. The vague irony of building a builder a website was not lost on us. So we set about the task in-hand, laying firm foundations.

PJB were relocating back to the UK after living and working in France for many years. They wanted to rebrand and recreate their family-run business for Sussex. With a colour scheme chosen, BN:Coded supplied a strong, new logo that is inspired by classical architecture with a modern twist and a new domain name to match. With this façade the rest of the theme fell into place – a simple and clean look with quick and easy navigation for the visitor. The website also needed to reflect all that PJB Building Solutions has to offer, so a permanent link to the services is provided in the expanded footer of each page.

The only first for BN:Coded is that during the build process we never actually met our client face-to-face. We like to know our clients and journey with them throughout the website design and build. Having built the website in the run-up to them returning to England we only recently met. We have only experienced moving houses, so we cannot begin to imagine the stress associated with moving country. We hope that BN:Coded took the worry out of building a new website, even helping to write some of the content – giving them one less thing to worry about. Three telephone calls and several emails later we have delivered PJB Building Solutions with a new website that can expand with the business now it has relocated in the UK. BN:Coded are also hosting the website and providing professional email services for the company. All of this, within budget and on schedule. No wonder they provided us with this glowing testimonial:

We can’t say enough about the excellent work that BN:Coded has done for our website, they took a below average website and transformed it. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nick Toovey who listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations.  We highly recommend BN:Coded.

Visit to see the website.