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Printed Design

Perhaps under the illusion the human race is prepared (or even capable) to read something that is not displayed on a screen, businesses still rely on the printed word to convey a message to the masses. Yes, the dark days of printed advertising still exists, and yes, we have been known to design some printed advertising for our clients. Surprisingly this archaic form of promotion and brand awareness is still cherished fondly by many companies. Okay we’re joking, printed advertising is still worthwhile. so yes, we do produce advertisements for our clients as part of our service. 

Branding is obviously important. Yet it is still surprisingly common for a company’s print persona to be completely different from its online presence. BN:Coded believe it is essential that your brand and ethos is coherent online and in print. That’s why we get involved with the world of bleeds, margins and alignment. This was our stomping ground in a pre-digital age, our playground that prepared us for the world wide web. So we can still turn our hand to a beautifully crafted advertisement for our clients. We enjoy print as much as digital – sometimes more!

In a similar way we have also created fliers, booklets, brochures, vouchers, bookmarks and professional business cards for our clients, and are happy to be asked – we also usually say yes!

In short, if you need our help offline – you can still get in touch with BN:Coded!