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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Everyone needs a bit of help and advice sometimes. Pooling decades of experience the staff at BN:Coded are happy to share our knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Our clients turn to us for honest, sensible and reliable advice. We are often asked to advise on improving Search Engine Optimization, audit an existing site, discuss new software or an app creation. In addition to all the usual suspects you would associate with a media company such as BN:Coded, we also get asked our opinion on other areas such as branding, IT Support and even which laptop to buy! BN:Coded also do a lot of work in print – yes as a digital technology company we think print is a little archaic but we would be foolish to tell you it’s not beneficial! So along with branding we help our clients with printed advertising to complement the digital marketing we create.

We are also happy to look into the best ways of you or your business embracing Social Media with some innovative IT consultancy we can reduce the burden of keeping content up to date across multiple platforms and investigating the best outlet to dedicate your time to.

So if you decide to bring your company alongside ours in any way, never be afraid of asking our opinion.  Ultimately, we want our clients to understand and embrace technologies for their benefit via our collaborative approach.

Some of our services:
Printed advertising and promotional material.